About Me

Hi! I’m Kendra Albert, and I’m a Harvard Law School JD candidate. I’m also a former Berkman Center for Internet and Society fellow and former Electronic Frontier Foundation legal intern. This is my personal blog - opinions or comments here do not represent anyone else.

For a sense of my work, you can read some of my posts on video game research or my jokes about intellectual property from Five Useful Articles. If you’re curious as to why I only wrote book reviews for a year, you can read about my 5-books-a-week project (updated here), or watch my Quantified Self Boston talk.  I also have a co-authored food blog.

Before I got into Internet law, I received my BHA from Carnegie Mellon University where I majored in history and drama, with an emphasis in lighting design. While at CMU, I founded and was the president of Aha!, CMU’s secular student organization. My thesis work was on the science used in mass toxic tort cases related to Agent Orange. 

You can also read some of my past professional writing at EFF Deeplinks, Future of the Internet, the Herdict Blog and the OpenNet Initiative Blog.